You’re catering: the dessert needs to be delicious & healthy. You need it delivered on time & looking beautiful. Luckily for you, that’s our specialty.

We hand make raw, vegan, guilt free cakes & chocolate, free from gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar. We’re big on taste, texture and “oh my god can you believe how good this is” moments.

We cater for groups and occasions of all sizes and shapes. Choose bite size cakes for parties with no seats or forks. Choose big size cakes for big parties with people who like seats and forks. Got a meeting, presentation, or simply entertaining some friends? Let us know and we’ll recommended something delicious and suitable.

We hand deliver daily, in our custom Pana Chocolate serving boxes, except for weekends. That’s for our own parties and yes, we like forks but seats we could give or take.

Our Services

Bite size pieces. An arguable title, but deliciously satisfying none the less.

Corporate Events

Kevin is gluten free.
Michelle is dairy free.
Peter is vegan.
Annie is soy free.
Everyone is cucumber sandwich free.

Solve all your corporate catering needs at once. Hand made, hand delivered, always delicious.

Call us on 1300 717 488 or email and we’ll help you plan your event. Melbourne and Sydney only.

Worth it’s weight in gold, but lighter – thankfully.

Corporate Gifting

For clients, colleagues, or sucking up to the boss: we produce gift hampers, cakes and boxes of chocolate year round. Enquire about our bulk offers, because more is always better when it comes to chocolate.

Call us on 1300 717 488 or email

It’s normal to think about cake several times a day.

Weddings & Celebrations

Breaking news: People eat wedding cake.

History is made: Birthday party does not have leftover slices.

If you’d like to make news and history with us, we’ll make a cake for you. Melbourne and Sydney only.

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