Spotted: Novak Djokovic treats the press room


As is his tradition, Novak Djokovic took a moment to stop talking tennis and share some guilt-free treats with the press room, during his Australian Open pre-tournament press conference on Saturday.

To be specific, he shared trays of Pana Chocolate Bite Size Cakes (from our Melbourne shop) – just as he did in 2017! Of course, after placing an order for a second year in a row, we’d like to consider ourselves The Joker’s cake and chocolate of choice. Self-titled.

We know that in 2010, Djokovic made changes to his diet and now eats gluten and dairy free. It’s certainly had a positive impact on his game, and luckily for him, he gets to eat his cake too!

Watch the video and join us cheering from the base line!

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